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Transform Coaching with Kandi

Intuitive Life and Fitness Coaching


Kandi DeCarlo

Intuitive Life and Fitness Coach

People can learn by studying or by life experience. I found my purpose through both. I've been a triathlon coach (USA Triathlon certified), a personal fitness trainer, and a sports nutritionist assisting many people to get over their personal finish line. A few years ago I had a “aha” experience that led to changes in my life. My angels swooped in and guided me to become a yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance), a tarot and oracle card reader (certified by Hay House and Kyle Gray), and a Reiki/Crystal Energy Therapist. I have a graduate certificate in Life Coaching and a Master's Degree in Psychology.  I'm a Kyle Gray Certified Practitioner. I am a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner. I combine my knowledge, skills, and intuition to assist you to have strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, power and grace in mind, body, spirit and emotion. I can assist you in discovering your purpose, healing your heart and getting to your personal "finish line."